There are various ways to grow a cannabis plant, but the simplest of all is certainly outdoor cultivation. Whether you have a garden or a small balcony, the basic thing is to ensure that our map is light, with at least 5 hours of direct sunlight per day.

The second determining factor is the soil: this must be fertile and rich in nutrients. We also try to identify a position that guarantees shelter from the wind, so as not to run the risk that the plant will dehydrate or the branches be broken. Finally, for the waterings we try to use water of good quality: it is possible to use rainwater, or that of the tap, after letting it rest in open containers, so that the chlorine contained in it evaporates. With the Marijuana Seeds online the options get a new support.

After learning these simple notions, we will be able to start the germination phase: proceed by placing on a tray two wet tissues (absorbent paper or cotton wool will be fine); we place our cannabis seeds between them and store them in a dark and warm area of ​​the house. Make sure that the substrate is always moist, but never soaked, and within three or four days we will observe the appearance of small radicles. We can then proceed to bury the seed (obviously with the root pointing down), positioning it at a depth of about 1 cm. Covering it with the top of a plastic bottle (stuck vertically in the ground) can be useful at this stage to maintain the right moisture content in the area, creating a micro-greenhouse effect. Let’s evaporate the soil with rainwater or let it rest for a few hours. When the first leaves appear, place the jar in direct light, but not too bright and let’s keep the top layer of the soil moist.

Within a couple of weeks a small cannabis plant will be developed. We expect it to reach a height of about 15 cm and proceed with the transplant in the ground or in medium-sized pots, prepared with soil rich in nutrients.

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