Today automatic cannabis plants are very popular seeds, both for their ease of cultivation and for the fact that they make it possible to realize different harvests outdoors, as if they were indoor cultivation. 2 or 3 months.

This type of plant can be grown on small terraces or balconies because of their small size; indeed, if they are grown in pots they will rarely exceed 1m. In the case of crops in the ground, cars can easily exceed one meter in height and have significant production compared to the same plants grown in pots.

  • To be able to obtain the best possible harvest with this type of plants, it is necessary to take into account the different aspects of culture, so that everything goes well from the beginning to the end.
  • We will explain here how to cultivate well-developed cars to get a good harvest.

Main characteristics of automatic plants

First of all, we must take into account that these are plants that are not sensitive to normal photoperiod, so they do not depend directly on the light hours that there are during the day and the night to begin with to bloom.

Due to their insensitivity to photoperiod, the growth period is limited to a few days. This can vary depending on the car plant, but it will take more or less 15 to 30 days. This is the time it takes for the plant to feel ready to bloom. Cannabis needs a minimum of time to develop and start producing flowers and trachoma’s, in order to capture the male pollen and thus allow the species to persist. The Marijuana Seeds online options are there as well.

Plantlets of Think Different

It is necessary to be very attentive during this stage to the limited duration, so that the plant is not stopped in its development. Over-fertilization, excess water and moisture, lack of light or direct sunlight, lack of substrate, wind, and lack of nutrients are examples of problems that can stop the development of plants.

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