In essence, the technology of growing cannabis is not so complicated, and if we talk about its not very sensitive varieties, then its cultivation is possible from the first time even for inexperienced people who in the past have only tried to engage in plants a couple of times. However, even this technology has some of its features that need to be borne in mind in order to get a good result. Although you can now buy Cannabis Seeds online, do not waste the seeds in vain.

What begins the whole technology of growing hemp?

 Of course, that any technique of growing hemp originates from seeds, which initially must be properly treated. It is necessary to remember such moments:

  • Buy seeds from proven suppliers,
  • Ideally choose feminized types,
  • Do not forget about the preliminary germination.

 When using regular seeds, the process of growing marijuana implies the need to determine its sex.It is necessary to choose female plants for growing, not allowing their pollination, in order to obtain cones with the maximum level of THC. If your goal is to get high-quality sensibility, you should remove male plants so that they do not spoil female pollen with their pollen. By letting the plants develop a little, you can distinguish their gender, so there are always V-shaped “antennas” (stigmas) on the female. The leaves are the same in both sexes. If you use regular varieties, the percentage of female and male plants will be 50 to 50, although depending on the conditions and circumstances, the indicators may change.

Tips for growing cannabis

 If you are interested in Marijuana/Cannabis and methods of growing this plant, you cannot leave aside the question of fertilizers, which it needs. As a rule, organic materials are used for this purpose, and this approach can be considered the most correct – synthetics should be avoided. Still, it is still possible to grow hemp without fertilizer additives, but it is not recommended to do this, because a shortage of a number of elements will spoil its quality and quantity. It is also worth avoiding the temptation to take the same manure from the dacha, because it is full of insect larvae that can spoil all your work.

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