November 2, 2018
Clinical White CBD Feminised Seeds
January 4, 2019

Blue Shark CBD Feminized Seeds


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An equivalent ratio of THC and CBD is what every cannabis fan ultimately looks for. And if you too are in search for one such strain then Blue Shark CBD Feminized Seeds are the ones that will put an end to your search. Blue Shark CBD Feminized Seeds are predominantly an indica driven strain which came into existence by crossing over the end result of blueberry and Shark Shock’s cross with a CBD-enhanced strain. This cross is what makes Blue Shark CBD feminized seeds rich in both THC and CBD.

The short flowering period of 9 weeks and short stature of this plant makes it convenient to grow this plant both indoors and outdoors. The plant radiates citric fragrances with some hints of jasmines in it. The equivalent ratio of THC and CBD makes this strain to classify among one of the high medicinal value strains. Both THC and CBD together helps it to produce relaxing and satisfying effects simultaneously.

Such high content THC and CBD found in this strain also contributes towards making this strain one of the strongest anti-inflammatories. Blue Shark CBD feminized seeds also help in overcoming nausea, pain and stress. The Berry – Like sweet taste of the plant makes it easy to consume. The best time to harvest this plant is towards the end of September so you can start with its cultivation around the first week of July. The strain is hardy and mold resistant as well.

Suits Best for:-

  • Nausea
  • Pains
  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Stiffened Muscles

Pick up the Blue Shark CBD Feminized seeds now and experience a tranquil effect like never before.

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