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Blueberry Auto-Flowering Cannabis Seeds


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Do you want to buy Blueberry seeds for sale? Here is brief detail will let you understand detail of this plant and growing needs as well. As the name suggest, it has genetics of blueberry. It is 80% indica and 20% sativa. It is also known as One Hit Wonder. Its first traces were found in 1970s. Difficulty level of growing Blueberry is from moderate to difficult. It has won 2000 High Times Cannabis Cup award. It is a very popular strain and has long lasting effect. It is a hybrid cross of three strains that is Afghani stain with Thai and Purple Thai. Shelf life of Blueberry is comparably high as compared to other strains if packed correctly. It can be best used to relax mind and body.

Taste and Smell

It is very easy to differentiate Blueberry from other strain only by its fragrance. Blueberry has a very pleasant fruity aroma. It tastes sweet, berry, blueberry and woody. 

Plant Traits

The plants of Blueberry are usually tall around 225 centimeters high. Its flowering time is around 8- 10 weeks. It has small and densely packed flowers. It has wide leafs. Leafs of Blueberry are of blue, red and purple color. The bud of this strain is sticky. Its THC level ranges from 15% – 24%. It does not grow vertically which mean it takes a lot of space to grow. It usually smells like air freshener and fruits.


Blueberry can be used either for medical or for pleasure purpose or both. It makes the user relaxed, sleepy, uplifted, euphoric and happy. It also helps reduce stress, pain, insomnia, nausea and depression. Blueberry strain also makes the user paranoid, dizzy, headache, dry eyes and dry mouth.

Harvest and Yield

It can be grown both indoor and outdoors. It can yield up to 400 – 600 grams per meter square. Blueberry is usually harvested in mid October. It requires warm and sunny climate for better results.

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