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October 23, 2018
November 1, 2018

Master Kush Seeds


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Master Kush strain is similar to its parent strains. It owns the properties of both its parent strains which belong to the regions of India and Afghanistan which are famous for having one of the finest ranges of cannabis. Master Kush seeds are taken by inhaling their smoke. Smoking the high THC Master Kush seeds leaves a person high and makes him feel relaxed. These high THC seeds have great medicinal properties. Being an end product of Indian – Afghani Kush seeds’ hybridization, the Master Kush seeds exhibit only the qualities which are beneficial for health and hold medical importance. The Master Kush Seeds are high THC seeds with no foul smell, neutral taste and strong effects. Because of all these properties they are counted as one of the most effective cannabis seeds from the medical point of view.

Onset of effects

The Master Kush seeds do not show their effects straight away. They start showing their effects after sometime when a few puffs are inhaled. The older the session of inhaling the master Kush seeds gets the higher it leaves the person. With time of smoking of Master Kush seeds starts getting better and shows good results. For the people who have just started smoking these high THC seeds, they might find it strong initially but gradually they will start feeling good and find it easier to smoke them and take some more puffs in.

Benefits of opting for Master Kush seeds

These high THC seeds are best grown underground making it easy for you to grow them. Also the other benefit of growing the Master Kush seeds is that they do not smell throughout their growing period. Towards the end of their growing period, when they start blooming you will find green colored leaves and seeds. All of the seeds of Master Kush plant taste the same making it the best part about this strain. No matter these high THC seeds are smoked but they do not have any ill effects on lungs.

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