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Buy high quality White Rhino seeds for Pain & Stress OneMillionSeeds.com
November 1, 2018
November 2, 2018



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The progeny of white widow and maple leaf indica is more dominated by its paternal indica genes as compared to its maternal white widow genes. Hence, these paternal genes make white rhino seeds fall under the category of high THC seeds. This high THC content of white rhino makes them a perfect to be used in the cases where tropical applications are required of marijuana.

These easy to grow seeds can be grown anywhere, indoors, outdoors or even in greenhouses. For beginners it proves out to be one of the best and easiest strains to grow. It has both medicinal properties and a great stony cum hard buzz takes the user to a completely another level of mental state.

This low on maintenance plant only demands light for better growth. It also flowers in just 9 weeks which makes it again a perfect choice for first time growers.

Effects on smoking white rhino seeds

  • White rhino seeds produce uplifting effects with a strong buzz.
  • The buzz produced is stony hard.
  • It makes a person feel delighted
  • The effects produced are consistent and long lasting.
  • It relaxes down the person at both mental and physical level.
  • It makes a person feel drowsy.
  • Hunger pangs are also seen as an effect of white rhino seeds.
  • It makes the person feel euphoric like any other indica seed.

Benefits of white rhino seeds-

  • Used in cases where tropical application of cannabis is required.
  • A great stress reliever.
  • Helps in fighting Insomnia.
  • A great muscle relaxant.
  • Relieves from pains like headache, etc.

White rhino seeds are short and stout. They inherit these traits from their short mother – white widow. This makes them even much shorter than their mother. Their high THC crystals are clearly visible which makes them an ideal fit for tropical applications. They have a good earthy smell and citric flavor.

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