Marijuana is counted among the so-called soft drugs, that is, it does not lead to physical dependence. However, marijuana use can lead to mental addiction.

A person addicted to marijuana may suffer from sleep disorders, in addition, has a problem with concentration and various types of memory disorders. She is apathetic, she has no desire to act at all, she does not want to do anything, she often begins to isolate herself from other people, and students have a huge problem with learning. This is why you need to have the best quality Cannabis Seeds online for the best results.

Marijuana and health

Thus, it can be seen that contrary to the prevailing opinion, cannabis exerts a huge impact on our health. Absolutely cannot be treated as an ordinary stimulant, like an ordinary cigarette, because the effects of its adverse effects on the human body are visible virtually immediately. Apart from the fact that it has an adverse effect on the central nervous system, it may also contribute to increasing the amount of unplanned suicides that occur after taking it when the patient is in a completely different world and in fact does not know at all, what he does.

  • Marijuana absolutely should not be treated as so-called recreational drug that provides only good fun and “cool departure”. Marijuana can be very dangerous to our health and even life.
  • Currently, however, more and more often talk about the so-called medical marijuana, i.e. marijuana, which is used in several disease entities the use of this type of treatment is currently treated as a form of a medical experiment, but in some situations doctors see that such treatment begins to bring the patient the desired improvement.

The Negative Results

The most common result of smoking marijuana is the occurrence of a strong psychosis in a man who has taken it, that he will require a stay in a psychiatric ward. In addition, marijuana is also associated with excessive overeating, because THC marijuana significantly stimulates the appetite by affecting the central nervous system. It also happens that frequent smoking of marijuana leads to the development of gynecomastia in men.

  • If cannabis is inflamed very often, the next negative effect is its effect on the respiratory system, especially if it is roasted in turns with an admixture of ordinary tobacco. In this situation, a chronic cough appears, which can become chronic bronchitis, which can be combined with dyspnoea and sputum production. Frequent use of marijuana can also lead to the formation of so-called amotivational syndrome, which is characterized by a significant impairment of memory and cognitive functions, lack of concentration, apathy and dullness, and lack of interest in their appearance and achieving various goals.


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