By submitting a written application based on an established specimen, by 10 March each year, farmers may grow hemp (cannabis) and similar plants. MAF will issue a permit, which will be valid until the end of the calendar year of the issue, and the farmers will have the right within the permit to sow only one harvest on the same area. The use of Marijuana Seeds for sale comes important there.

The Agriculture Ministry is ready with the draft and the normative document (Draft Ordinance on the conditions and procedure for issuing a permit for the cultivation of cannabis plants for fiber, for fodder seeds and for food and seeds for sowing, with content below 0.2% by weight of tetrahydrocannabinol determined in leaf, color and fruit tips, for trade and control), which will be taken into account by growers wishing to grow cannabis for technical, fodder and seed purposes. With the Marijuana Seeds for sale the options are there.

Together with the application, farmers will also have to apply a certificate of seed quality. Another document shall be a copy of an accredited laboratory to show that the tetrahydrocannabinol content of the plants from which the seed was harvested does not exceed 0,2% by weight, as determined by the leaf, the color and fruit tips intended for:

  • fiber
  • feed and food seeds
  • Seed for sowing

Those who wish to grow hemp and related plants must be registered farmers

It is also mandatory to declare that the hemp plant will not be harvested separately, uses or processes parts of it.

Certificate of conviction of the natural person / sole trader or of the persons included in the management bodies of the legal person or other equivalent document; will have to submit applicants established in a third country.

The documents are filed in person or by a notarized power of attorney

Farmers authorized to grow hemp and hemp plants must notify MAF with a declaration, within 10 days after harvesting of hemp plants, of the type and quantity of the production of hemp plants and / or seeds obtained from the sown areas and identification data for the hemp plants.

They are also required to produce a certified copy of invoices certifying the quantities sold to a trader and / or processor after the production of the plants of the hemp plant and / or the seeds thereof.

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