If you have ordered your first hemp packet, you can hardly wait to unpack and plant the cannabis seeds. But before it grows, the cannabis seeds must first germinate. There are various methods for this, a few of the most proven ones are mentioned below. In germination not only the most mistakes are made, but also the most fatal ones. If the germination fails, one can also forget the growth. Later mistakes, if the cannabis plant is already a bit larger, can be forgiven, but the seedling needs perfect conditions. The most important factor in the germination of Cannabis Seeds online is the cleanliness. This not only applies to the tools (tweezers, scissors, flower pots), but also to your own hands. As a smoker you should wash your hands with antibacterial soap, nicotine residues on the fingers are also harmful to the plant. But of course, non-smokers should also go with clean hands to the sensitive offspring.

Nature of Cannabis seeds:

Cannabis seeds need warmth and moisture to germinate. As soon as they are taken out of their packaging, the small roots are already looking for liquid, so it has to be fast. It is best to land them in a glass filled with water immediately after breaking up the seed packet. During the entire germination process, the humidity must remain the same. For the heat either a heat light over the Cannabis seed can provide or a Heizkissen under the glass. The water temperature should be constant at 20 ° C degrees. When germinating in the glass, it is important to change the water daily. The Cannabis seeds put a lot of emphasis on cleanliness. After 3-6 days, white spots appear in the water: the seed germinates! She breaks her shell and new life arises. The seedling now forms roots. If these are 2-4mm long, it is time that the scion comes into the earth. For this, a hole about 0.5 cm deep must be dug into the potting soil of the pot. Thereafter, the seedling should be covered well with soil again. Now he needs moisture, warmth and light. A fluorescent light provides heat and light and a spray bottle should be used for the humidity. The soil must never be watered.


Many grower names besides moisture and heat a third aspect, which leads to the successful germination of Cannabis seeds: darkness. For this you need two strips of kitchen roll. In between, the cannabis seed is laid, and here too it is important to ensure that the kitchen towels are permanently moist – not too wet and not too dry. The need for some exercise until you have found the right amount, but then the roots beat very quickly: After only 2 to 3 days, the seedling can be placed in a flower pot. From now on it works like the glass method. The seedling should be supplied with light for about 18 hours a day.

The last method is the simplest in theory, but somewhat tricky in practice. The Cannabis seed is simply planted directly in its soil. It does not first have to germinate in moisture and then be transplanted, but it can germinate directly where it is supposed to grow. This avoids damage to the seedling. It is promising to use cotton balls for constant moisture. Moisten them and lay them on the ground. With this method you do not need light in the first days. Soil and water should be constantly 22 degrees,

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