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It is a misconception among people that stronger the strain, harder it is to grow. AK-47 was first created in 1992. It is very easy to grow which makes it very popular. Another reason of its popularity is that it has won several Cannabis Cup awards. It is as powerful as the weapon, it is named after. It makes you feel relaxed. So do not get fooled by its name. It comes under the category of Sativa-Dominant Hybrid category. It is designed with 60% sativa and 40% Indica.

Taste and Smell

It tastes sweet, pungent and earthly. So far as its smell is concerned, it might disturb your neighbors as well as family if you grow it inside your house. It has a very strong smell.

Plant Traits

The plants of AK-47 are usually short of about 100 to 180 cm. Its flowering time is around 8-10 weeks. According to experts, growing Ak-47 requires a cold environment. It should be grown under temperature not more than 22 degrees Celsius or 75 degrees Fahrenheit. They are less leafy as compared to other kinds. It has red hair and crystal like look. The color of its buds is dark yellowish-green. Its THC level is 20%.


 This type is considered perfect for medical and pleasure purpose. For medicinal use it helps reduce nausea and vomiting. It makes the user relaxed, peaceful and happy and it helps reduce stress, pain, headaches, insomnia, lack of appetite and depression. But it also makes the user anxious, paranoid, dizzy, dry eyes and dry mouth.

Harvest and Yield

It can be grown both on soil and water, if grown inside the house. In case AK-47 is grown outside, plants can be harvest in early October instead of September. More sunlight will result in faster growth of the plant. It yields up to 350-500 grams per square yard.

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  1. Steve Austin

    These are good Quality Ak 47 Auto Flowering Seeds

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