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Purple Kush seeds originated from Oakland area of California. It comes under the category of pure Indica. They are mostly preferred by teenagers. Purple Kush when created was considered as Elite. Growing this plant does not require special skills. Only some basic knowledge is needed to grow this strain. Users of Purple Kush say that it immediately makes the person feel excited and happy. Those who want pain free sleep should try this.

Taste and Smell

It tastes sweet, berry, grape and earthly. It smells dank just like Kush, earthy, sweet, spicy and pungent. 

Plant Traits

 The plants of Purple Kush grows wide rather than tall. It grows up to a medium height of 1 meter. Its flowering time is around 7-9 weeks. It has popcorn like flower. Purple Kush have high tendency of producing sticky resin. Growing Purple Kush requires around 70 degrees Fahrenheit temperature. Its leaves are of purple and green color. The plant looks hairy and like crystal. Its buds appearance is dense and heavy. The THC level of Purple Kush always ranges between 17-27%.


Purple Kush can be used for both medicinal and pleasure purpose. It makes the user relaxed, hungry, euphoric, sleepy and happy and it also helps reduce stress, joint pain, bipolar disorder, lower back pain, insomnia, lack of appetite and depression. But it also makes the user paranoid, dizzy, hungry, lazy, dry eyes, headache and dry mouth. It might also results in heavy coughing if smoked a lot. It is best suited for meditation purpose.

Harvest and Yield

It can be grown both indoor and outdoor. In case Purple Kush is grown outside, plants can be harvest in mid – late September. It yields up to 400 grams per square yard. According to experts, growing Purple Kush indoor has more success rates as compared to outdoor.

An indica-dominant hybrid strain, Critical Purple Auto-Flowering feminized cannabis seeds trace their lineage to popular Critical Mass and Big Bud. Originally, the pair were bred together in order to improve the yield and stability of Big Bud. Critical Mass is known for extremely heavy, dense flowers, and our Critical Purple cannabis seeds carry on this desirable trait.

One of our highest THC strains, Critical Purple is a potent plant, expressing its indica roots with a heavy, relaxed effect. If you’re new to marijuana or even just to this strain, you may find early treatments with Critical Purple leave you feeling completely sedated, but whatever your tolerance, this strain is certainly best kept for evening or nighttime use.

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