November 1, 2018
November 1, 2018



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Black jack is a resultant of blending of Black Domina and Jack Herer. It has an earthy as well as woody odor with some smell of pine. When it comes to its taste, it does not give the earthy taste but does retain the woody taste along with some sweetness, citrus and pine.  It is also an easy to grow strain which can be grown both indoors and outdoors.  While indoors, it takes 62 to 72 days to flower; outdoors, it flowers in early October. It grows up to 9 feet. The THC content varies from 14% to 24% while the CBD content is 0.24% to 2%. The indica to sativa ratio is 70%/30%.  It grows well in temperate climate.

Favorable effects

  1. Relaxed: it sends the consumer body to a state of utmost relaxation.
  2. Happy: the smoker moves to a condition of feeling elated on smoking it.
  3. Uplifted: it uplifts the mood instanteously.
  4. Euphoric: the consumer goes to a state of extreme tranquility and solace.
  5. Focused: the concentration level of smokers’ increases remarkably with its consumption.


  1. Dry mouth: the users report to experience the feeling of extreme dryness in mouth due to its consumption.
  2. Dry eyes: there is also a feeling of dryness in eyes.
  3. Dizzy: the dizziness sustains in the body after its consumption.
  4. Paranoid: it also leads to paranoia.
  5. Anxious: anxiety is also a resultant of consuming black jack in some cases.

Medical Benefits

  1. Stress: it is an absolute stress reliever making the mind free from any and every type of stress.
  2. Pain: it alleviates pains and aches caused by certain illnesses or diseases.
  3. Headache: the feeling of headache is also controlled by this strain.
  4. Insomnia: many a people today suffer from the feeling of sleeplessness which is definitely cured by consumption of black jack.
  5. Depression: the feeling of being depressed is not uncommon in today’s world. But, these cannabis take the mind to that stage of solace where the mind and soul become free and get relieved from depression.
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