The settlement of marijuana is illegal and legal both depending on countries. And there is no excuse for its use in a personal area. And what would happen if it turned out to be an effective drug in an illness considered incurable? Well, it can happen so soon. With the present condition of Marijuana Seeds online purchase, the results are coming with great variety.

Recommended precautions

More and more is being said about the legalization of marijuana. The subject constantly returns not only on the occasion of the next elections, but also in the context of discovering more and more surprising its properties. Recently, it is loud that it can bring positive results in the treatment of autism spectrum disorders, autism. What would the mechanism of its operation consist in?

The secret lies in endocannabinols

Endocannabinols are substances that naturally occur in the brain of a healthy person. They are responsible for maintaining communication between brain cells. In people with autism due to gene mutation, their production is blocked. Since the body cannot provide it itself, the idea of ​​supplying it from the outside is not surprising. Due to the fact that endocanabinols interact by the same receptors that bind tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is a component of cannabis, autism medication is seen in it.

First attempts

Families of people suffering from autism spectrum disorders very often do not wait for the end of scientific research, publication of their results or the appearance of appropriate legal regulations. Five years ago, they began to administer medical marijuana to their son Alex, who suffered from severe tuberous sclerosis with autism and fury attacks. The results of this therapy were amazing – the boy for the first time in his life began to smile, play, and its functioning on a daily basis could be described as normal.

Recommended precautions

Among the other salutary health benefits of using marijuana, good influence on skin condition, effectiveness in the fight against cancer, multiple sclerosis, anorexia and even AIDS is mentioned. Nevertheless, the lack of appropriate legal arrangements means that people who want to obtain it in an illegal manner can very often harm themselves. You never know what is in a drug from an uncertain source. It is worth to realize that these beneficial effects on the human body concern substances contained in pure marijuana, without any additives. In addition, it must not be forgotten that even when used for noble purposes, it remains a narcotic and can become addicted to it. All such therapies should always be under the supervision of a doctor and in minimal doses. Self-experimenting can do more harm than good.

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