If you are planning to give a try in farming or growing type of work, then Marijuana is best to start with. It can give lot of money, opportunities and benefits to individuals as well as companies.

Before Jumping into Cannabis Seeds Business, It is very important for one to properly understand each and everything about it. It will be totally waste of money to buy a Marijuana Seed and try to sell or grow it without proper knowledge of its work. Below is the Complete guide by One Million Seeds which take you through from plant process to harvest//

Basic Plant biology:

Plants are also counted in living things. They have reproduction process quite similar to animals or human beings. In order to product a seed, a plant’s ovule needs to be fertilized by pollen. Once its done, seed will be formed. Like all other living beings, seeds have genetic material inside it and the future and growth of seeds will totally depend on you i.e. how you take care of it. Like when a small baby born, everybody looks alike, but as per there atmosphere at home they grow up different.

Germination of Cannabis Seeds:

Germination is the process to hydrate seeds, that’s the time when enzymes in them get activated and are ready to grow. Immediately after germination, root started emerging from root shell.

In order to germinate Cannabis seeds, firstly you have to find out that seed is viable or not? Ideal Marijuana color is dark in color with black stripes on it. Compare it with seed you have, if its similar, Congratulations! Your germination will be successful.

Feminized Cannabis Seeds:

Feminized seeds are result of using Male pollen from hermaphroditic plant to fertilize a female flower, resulting in plant which will be female or hermaphrodites but never male.

Are Cannabis Seeds Legal?

Well, that’s interesting question. The Answer is Yes as well as No. It is different in all locations. In United States, Many states allow Marijuana, where are few states doesn’t. Few states allow certain quantity for medical purpose. So you need to check about particular place. Regarding legalization, there is good news for Canadian Citizens, that Marijuana is on Grey side of laws. It means, neither it is allowed nor it is ban. That’s the reason, most of the Canadian Companies they do this business and ship seeds to United States as well.

Buying a Marijuana Seed Supply?

Sometimes, it can be very difficult to buy a marijuana seed, As we need to get a best quality seed, at affordable price and offcourse from very reliable place. OneMillionSeeds.com is best place to buy Marijuana Seeds Online. They are in Canada, You can order any number of seeds, it will be shipped to your place very soon. So, regardless of quantity, if you need quality – Visit OneMillionSeeds.com.

You might have seen many other Websites, doing promotion or giving deals of Seeds at unbelievable low price, they are just trying to make some money by giving away cheap products. Note: Once you paid for Marijuana seeds online, you can’t go to bank to get your money back. What will you say them? You were buying Marijuana and now refund my money? So to remain hassle free from such things, We would suggest to go for reliable place. For more details and questions you can contact us any time.

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