Nowadays, by many people, marijuana is treated “as an ordinary stimulant”, such as beer or cigarettes. For many people, it seems that regular or even occasional use of marijuana will be completely indifferent to their health. Anyone who has ever had contact with marijuana, explains that it is an “ordinary cigarette”, that certainly nothing will happen if he lights it up again and that it will be completely indifferent to his health. For that you need the Cannabis Seeds online purchase option and now you have that.

By some marijuana is treated as a party stimulant, which is to improve the mood or sharpen all kinds of sensory experiences, among others, while listening to music or intimate contacts with the partner.

But is marijuana really so safe as it seems to some people?

Of course not! Marijuana is not an “ordinary cigarette”, marijuana is a drug. It is true that it belongs to the so-called soft drugs (that is, it does not make the person physically addictive), but like every drug is very dangerous to our health and even life. The cultivation of cannabis in Poland is absolutely illegal, but in some countries (primarily Holland), marijuana has been legalized by state authorities and can be bought in stores.

You can take marijuana in a few ways, the most popular is smoking in the form of turns or using special fins, it happens that marijuana is added to cakes and other types of baked goods and is taken into the body via the digestive tract. Although the appearance of marijuana resembles completely harmless foxes or herbs, it is dangerous and its leaves “do not make up” of the very natural ingredients. The main component of marijuana, which has a psychoactive effect, is THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol.

What is the effect of marijuana?

In the case of smoking marijuana or taking it through the digestive tract, tetrahydrocannabinol very quickly infiltrates into our brain and begins to interact with it. The person who has taken marijuana usually begins to feel euphoria and feelings of relaxation, and also may have moderate perceptual disorders. It also happens that a person under the influence of marijuana will succumb to the phenomenon of synaesthesia, which is based on the interpenetration of sensory impressions – such a person, hearing the sound also sees its shape or color will gain a fragrance.

Marijuana affecting the central nervous system also weakens concentrations, disturbs the perception of time and definitely increases hunger – people after the consumption of marijuana often have so-called ravenous hunger. In addition, the effect of marijuana lies also in the temporary impairment of short-term memory, it also stimulates the imagination and definitely strengthens the perception.

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