The Selection Of Seed For Indoor Cultivation: Better To Cannabis Autoflowering And Feminised

Cannabis, the law that regulates the consumption of the substance arrived in the Chamber this week, but only the part on therapeutic use was saved from the norm. The use of Cannabis Seeds comes here. Thanks to technology, it has become possible to grow cannabis even at home and during the winter months. To do this it is important to choose the seed of an autoflowering variety that is derived from a cross between the ruderalis and one or both other families, the indica and the sativa. It is not difficult to find it, since 70% of the seeds marketed are of autoflowering variety. Growing an autoflowering cannabis seed requires less space and less expense. For the same reason it is good to choose a feminized seed, so as to avoid the phase of unmasking. Using these options come important here and that is why you can expect the best details. Be sure that you will be able to have the best details right here.

Cultivation Of Cannabis Indoor, Which Lamp Choose?

There are three different types for growing indoor cannabis: HPS, fluorescence and LEDs. It is Given that there is not one better than another, some characteristics that distinguish them, could direct the choice.

HPS: they consume a lot of energy and therefore emit a lot of heat. This could be a problem in small rooms, but an advantage for winter cultivation in unheated rooms (the ideal temperature is between 19 and 23 degrees, never exceeding 27). HPS lamps also have a high penetration capacity, so it is good to position them at 40/60 centimeters away from the plant. With the use of the Cannabis Seeds the details are perfect now.

Fluorescent lamps: they consume less energy and dissipate less heat than HPS. They are in fact large neon lights with cold light and low energy consumption. They must be kept closer to plants than HPS.

LED: compared to HPS and fluorescent lamps last longer, exceeding three cycles. They only agree in this case, because in the long run they allow great savings. You need to be specific on these matters and that is the reason you need the best option here. There happens the best details.

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