With the rise of cannabis self-production, we have found that many early growers are struggling to achieve satisfactory results. That’s why we give you here some general recommendations; they should allow you to obtain a quality harvest and to avoid unpleasant surprises. Before you start cultivating, take the time to read these few lines: this will prevent you from committing the most common beginner mistakes and ruining your precious dollars! Now with the Marijuana Seeds for sale the deals are perfect.

  • Get informed there are many books, culture blogs, farmers’ forums and other tools that are specialized in cannabis cultivation. Before investing in culture equipment, it is best to learn from specialists.
  • Give priority to security. Take the trouble to secure your electrical installation by investing in protective equipment, including a switchboard for lighting. Without a minimum of precautions, mixing watering and electricity in one room can be dangerous.


To cultivate safely, equip your installation with a switchboard.

Use discretion

Cultivating indoors, even for one’s own consumption, remains illegal. That’s why it’s best to avoid smells, noises and other bright halos that may arouse the suspicions of your neighbors or malicious people. Discretion remains the best weapon against theft and denunciations.

Do not hang your tongue too much

Talk about your cannabiculturist activities only to trusted friends. In any case, you do not need to display the number of lamps or plants in your installation. The fewer people you know, the less you will have problems with the police or the risk of being robbed.

Choose the variety that suits you

It is essential to obtain a good harvest. A good variety is a variety that produces good grass, while being adapted to your level of knowledge as a grower. To help you, check out our cannabis selection guide.

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