If you are growing for the first time, preferably choose an auto flowering variety. These are easily cultivated without much care.


  • Start with a cheaper variety. Culture is learned and it takes a while to master all aspects.
  • Always choose female cannabis seeds. This will save you from having male plants that you will have to discard.
  • Choose an Indica plant or a Sativa plant by making the distinction between the two varieties. The Sativa plant produces an energetic effect, while the Indica plant can produce a stoned effect, an essential difference therefore.
  • Before buying your seeds, know if you are going to grow indoors or outdoors. Each variety thus has its preferences.
  • If you intend to grow outdoors, consider the geographical location. In Northern Europe, you cannot grow all varieties outdoors with the same ease.
  • Before buying the seeds, check if we can send them to the country where you live.
  • Legislation on marijuana seeds online differs from country to country. Make sure you know before you start growing at home.
  • Do not bother about the price of seeds. Relatively speaking, a seed is cheap. You can easily recover the difference on the purchase price thanks to the excellent result you will get from a seed. A cheap seed can ultimately cost you a lot!

Regular Cannabis Seeds

Regular cannabis seeds produce indiscriminate female plants or male plants. The sex of the plant is not revealed before the flowering, during which time it is necessary to eliminate the males to avoid that they pollinate the females. The regular varieties are imbued with a great personality, and offer powerful organoleptic properties accompanied by indisputable effects. Their strength, stability, homogeneity and attributes make them a very good option for raising mother plants.

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Feminized cannabis seeds almost 100% guarantee the production of female plants, which greatly facilitates cultivation and opens the door to the cultivation of cannabis to the general public. In addition, this assumes a significant saving of time and space, as well as a smaller investment. This option is a safe bet during cultivation, but also at the time of tasting. Banks offering this type of genetics in their catalogs have worked for years for all these feminized versions to retain the characteristics of the original strains. In short: excellent aromas, flavors and sensations for everyone.

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