The style of cultivation, personal preference, the smell of the plant, the durability of the plant, the cycle of flowering, whether it is feminized and whether or not it is an auto flowering strain, all its factors should be considered before the purchase of seeds.

1. Growth Style

The first thing to consider when selecting a strain is the style of the crop used. Some plants grow best in different scenarios. Self-flourishing plants work best in a small green space, as they tend to stay small and produce heads quickly regardless of lighting conditions. Outdoor cultivation of marijuana seeds for sale may require plants that are more resistant to mold and pests, such as a strain of Skunk. A skunk strain with a bit of ruderalis is a stronger plant and is ideal for beginners.

2. How Much Space is Available?

In an indoor crop, plants that are too big will be problematic, thanks to auto flowering strains or changing light cycles while the plants are still of a manageable size. The size of plants does not matter in indoor growing because a ringed plant can provide a similar amount of heads of several small plants. Depending on the farmer’s patience, a plant can be cut into a tuft and provide more heads per plant. This is particularly important in areas where there are limitations on the number of plants that can be grown by an individual or a business. It is therefore important to know the local laws.

Know the Growth Cycles of Your Plants to Get the Best Harvests

Knowing when the heads are ripe for harvest is a great benefit. Not knowing the cycles of flowering can lead to a decline in productivity. This will also cause disturbances in the THC content of the plant and will not lead to maximum production. Most plants are listed with the length of their flowering cycles on the package or at the seed bank site.

How to Find Your Cannabis Seeds?

The personal preference is of course the basis of your choice. Nobody wants to grow a bunch of weed heads that we do not want to smoke. On the other hand, in an official context, it is necessary for considering the comparative reputation of strains that sell in dispensaries and put individual fond nesses away.

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