Cannabis is a diodicplant that is to say that the male and female flowers are not on the same plant, so we have female individuals and male individuals.

As part of the cultivation of cannabis, it is the female individuals that interest us because they are the ones who will produce the famous flowers covered with resinous glands so coveted.

So, to get a maximum of these trichomes, we will isolate the females of males to avoid pollination. Then, the plant focuses on the production of resinous glands.


Indeed if a female plant is pollinated it will first produce seeds that will harm the flavor of the weed and more the plant will spend all its energy to perpetrate and produce less plant mass and cannabis concentrating fewer psychoactive agents and flavor.

As we have seen, contrary to an abuse of language, it is not the pollen that we consume and which concentrates the psychoactive substances otherwise we would cultivate the males.

No, what we want are non-fertilized eggs of female marijuana seeds for sale as in the context of production of eggs for food.

What we are looking for are the trichomes of the plant (what we call pollen). These are small resinous glands that cover the flowers to protect the seeds.

In fact, these resinous glands will, for example, complicate the life of insects, who would like to attack the offspring of the plant by creating a natural barrier and in this way maximize the chances of reproduction of the latter.

How Cannabis Seed Growers Get to Create New Varieties Every Day?

To do this specialized geneticists use a technique old as the world inspired by Mother Nature; natural selection. We will talk about the fact that the latter is man-controlled by an artificial selection, because the selective criteria are no longer those of nature but those of Man in the context of an artificial selection.

It is for example, this artificial selective process which allowed us to transform the wolf into a domestic dog, or even one and the same species (Cucumissativus) into two; cucumber and pickle.

It is thanks to this rather simple but tedious technique that we come to create cannabis varieties that are always more colorful, tasty and powerful. Simply by crossing the best individuals between them, we can get the best variety of cannabis.

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