In here, except in exceptional cases, only industrial hemp varieties with content of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) of less than 0.2% may be authorized. On the other hand, the law prohibits all types of narcotic substances. The law then allows for the circulation of hemp seeds (the name given to hemp seed) as well as their trade between the Member States of the European zone, including France if these conditions are respected.

Legal Cannabis

The use of legal cannabis seeds online is possible for individuals. In addition, their cultivation, use and production for commercial or other professional purposes are highly regulated. In fact, these varieties are part of non-psychotropic hemp.

Cultivars authorized in the context of industrial hemp are strictly limited to a list of 20 varieties, which leaves no opportunity to produce plants with psychoactive properties. These varieties have a THC concentration of less than 0.2% and do not offer the same therapeutic properties as their psychoactive cousin varieties.

Are the Seeds Feminized?

Choosing a feminized strain is usually a good choice, because you will not have to worry about growing male plants. These seeds guarantee that you will get the yields, and that you do not worry about pollen fertilizing a female plant and produce seeds instead of a big sticky head. In a commercial sense, these seeds are essentially obligatory. With fewer males we will be less worried and optimize his working time too. More sexing of plants, or reducing growth by switching between vegetative growth and flowers.

Is it Legal for Me to Cultivate?

Be careful to know your country’s laws severe penalties are for most citizens of the United States and abroad, and this should be considered and considered before cultivating.

Only you can know if it is allowed to grow cannabis plants and if it is not the case the risks incurred. We may not have to wait any longer because the Obama administration seems to be leaning towards the decriminalization of drugs. Perhaps if we could get medical leaders who support the cause, in addition to the Department of Justice, everyone could be able to grow and consume soon.

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