It is possible to grow your marijuana and to be autonomous. You will not be dependent any longer on the others at the time you take the desire to smoke the joint, you will be able to control the qualities of cannabis, and you will also get a nice new hobby. You want to grow your marijuana, but you are not assured how to do it? You are in the right place! On this page, we will explain as clearly as possible everything you need to know to grow your marijuana. If you still have doubts after reading this, you will still find a lot of information on the other pages of this site.

Collect information

It is important to start by collecting a number of theoretical information. You can do this by consulting books and magazines devoted to cannabis. Watching the video clips about the cannabis as well helped me a lot. These will teach you a lot and you will discover the new things. If you still have the questions after reading books, magazines, and videos, you can post them on the forums. On the many cannabis forums on the Internet, you will find farmers of various levels willing to share their experience with you and answer your questions. The Cannabis Seeds online are perfect there.

From my experience, you will get in most cases a quick answer to your questions. There are, of course, many ways to obtain information. It’s you who choose. After that, you will know each thing about the cannabis, its culture, and various lineages, but you will probably notice that in practice, everything does not always happen in the expected way. Keep in mind that learning is a time-consuming process and you have to start somewhere.

Grow indoors or outdoors?

Before you buy equipment and seeds and get into the culture, you must decide whether you will grow indoors or outdoors.

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