Hemp foliage is considered the main indicator of the health of the germ. For the full 100 percent, photosynthesis can interact only with processes of green color and optimal shape, with other options some difficulties will arise: the light energy will turn into chemical in incomplete volume, the plant nutrition will deteriorate and, consequently, the growth rate and its quality.

When do you get a yellow color?

In general, a change in the leaves of marijuana is quite normal. If the grass grows for a very long time, then it begins to be initially painted in a dark-green, and then – in yellowing. In some examples, the grass becomes so modified that it seems that she fell ill. However, there is nothing terrible here. Old leaves you just need to cut.

The bottom line is this: After a while they begin to absorb more energy than reproduce. For that you need the Cannabis Seeds online now.

Proper cultivation

Growing marijuana indoors Due to the wrong growing conditions, hemp can also be repainted. In most cases, the coloring occurs at ultra-high temperature and moisture levels. When the plant was indoors for a few days with a heat of 30+ Celsius, the yellowness is not something strange and outlandish. This is a common phenomenon that observes quite a few growers, especially when the humidity is above 60 percent. The best solution would be to lower the air temperature to 25 degrees. And please do not put cannabis near the window (on the window sill, for example): the sun’s rays torment your bush.

  • If the leaves that are close to the lamp turn yellow, the reason is either too bright light, or it glows the air next to the bush. The correct way out is to distance the bush from the source of illumination.
  • With insufficient and irregular watering of the plant, it can also be transformed. Here the bottom of the leaves seems faded. After resuming irrigation, the symptoms will go away. Henceforth, the cutting is required to be watered more often.

What else can cause this situation?

In order to determine the type of problem, you need to carefully check the status of each bush, armed with a magnifying device.

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