Summer has come with a heat wave that could cut off our habitat – here are some tips to help our princesses fly safely. As you can buy Cannabis Seeds online, hence now you can give more time in cultivation.

1. Ventilation: The first thing to remember is that your growth chamber probably already has some system for neutralizing hot air and maintaining optimal temperatures, since winter has to fight heat, especially if you use HID lamps such as MH or HPS which are currently the only bulbs capable of providing intense light.

2. Carbon dioxide: If you do not add C02 (carbon dioxide) to the growing room, it will be difficult for your plants to cope with temperatures above 25 degrees. If the temperature in your room for growth regularly exceeds the threshold of 25, make sure that the plant photosynthesis rate is damaged.When we spoil the girls with CO2, we let them cope better with the heat.

 3. Location: in many breeding rooms, breeders complain of heat,especially at noon. If you think for a moment about the place of the room, and not a few cases, we find the outer wall facing west, so that in the afternoon sun a direct blow from the wall strikes if the wall is not built properly, or something is not insulated, solar heat penetrates inside our garden.

 4. Timing: Daylight Schedule – one of the main causes of the heating problem is, of course, bulbs. Therefore, it is recommended to note that is the hottest hours of the day, and according to this information to direct the bulbs, which ignite only during the cooler. Another possibility is to use both HID and LEDs or CFLs – they will not work as HIDs, of course, not one – but if we have both types of light bulbs, you can manipulate time so that during the hot hours of the day there are only light bulbs.

5. Supplements: There are some Supplements to help your marijuana cope with the heat. Some of these supplements even increase the plant’s metabolism,allowing it to better use the CO2 additive, strengthen the plant and stimulate vigorous growth.

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