It is true that,depending on where you live, you can plant some marijuana and grow healthy and strong like a plump baby without the need to buy LED lamps or prepare a green house. However, if what you want is something a little more complex or a more personalized cultivation you can follow these tips so that it grows as if it were the magic bean tree. Moreover you can buy Marijuana Seeds for sale.

  • Choose the space well

Be smart and choose well. The usual thing is to look for a terrace type space. For the fortunate ones that have a wardrobe room or a garage these places are usually the most optimal. It is essential that it is well ventilated and, at the same time, that it can be sealed at any given time.

  • Buy lights for growth

Someone will think that since you buy lights for growth you can use them with your children and thus get them to become professional basketball players. But better not to be amazed by technology: these lights are for the plant and only for the plant.

  • Choose the container for the plant

If you are a novice,the recommendation is always “go to the simple ones”. Start with one or two plants and learn to be proficient with the growth of cannabis, its cycles, the collection process, etc. If you want to have a plantation like the one in Gone with the Wind, you are already a professional.

  • Nutrients

Light is needed but not only lighting lives the plant (or man), so a good nutrient will be the fourth fundamental thing. Usually when you speak and “feed” a plant what is meant is to moisten it with a solution rich in nutrients. In general, this solution is minerals suitable for growth.

  • Buy your seeds

It seems more than obvious but it is necessary that you choose a seed so that you have a plant in the future. You can have lights, water, soil, nutrients and a farmhouse that if you do not buy a marijuana seed you will not have a heart.

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