Known and used for centuries in the world of the navy to make ropes but also in the textile industry, Marijuana is a recognized fibrous plant. Since its prohibition as apsychotropic, Marijuana is less and less present on the territory and for good reason!

Marijuana who are you?

Marijuana (Cannabis sativa)is an annual plant native to Asia. Long before it was used as a drug, Marijuana was grown for the textile industry. In the eighteenth century this culture is at its peak because the fiber was then used for the manufacture of ropes, sails but also paintings or clothes. In the middle of the twentieth century production is becoming increasingly rare given the drastic legislation in this area.Indeed, Marijuana is considered a psychotropic because it contain stetrahydrocannabinol (THC), cannabidiol (CBD), and cannabinol (CBN). These three substances are the most commonly observed in the various species with psychotropic properties, but it should be known that more than 60 cannabinoid scan be found in the various varieties of Cannabis.

Nowadays, a new sector is emerging in the field of construction where Marijuana is used in insulation, particle board or mortar and the good thing is they offer Marijuana Seeds for sale. In the field of gardening, fashion is Marijuana mulch because it is a good repellent against pests.

 seed’ are used for the creation of oil, but also for the feeding of certain animals when they are not used for fishing!

Brave amateurs of administrative procedures of all kinds will be able to plant Marijuana in their garden for ornamental reasons or simply as a repellent against various pests.To grow Marijuana in your garden, it is obviously necessary to obtain seeds of certified varieties containing very little THC. It is possible to obtain this type of seed from the CCPSC (Central Cooperative of Marijuana Seed Producers). A declaration on the honor will have to be filled on which will appear the exact positioning of the culture. This declaration will be made available to the Ministry of the Interior. Do not forget to warn the gendarmerie closest to you in order to

Once the seeds obtained, keep the bags well in order to be able to present them to the police to attest to their legality.

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