Cannabis, a dried extracted properties derived from the thick resinous substance that comes out from a hemp plant known as Cannabis Sativa, which geographically originated in central Asia or in the Indian subcontinent. Though it can be found in many other temperate tropical parts throughout the world for the adjustable nature of it in any climatic condition.

Features and Details of Cannabis:

            Cannabis has many other aliases such as charas, weed, joint, hashish since long from the time of 20th-century prohibition, primarily due to its illegal association.This stiff plant has consumable parts which have a high amount of dosage to stimulate the neurological system and thus begin the psychoactive process of the mental health. The main chemical ingredient highly present in cannabis is tetrahydrocannabinol, shortly named as THC which determines the ultimate toxic effect.

The functions of Cannabis:

            However as technology improved with each passing day, we enormously gained miraculous impact in scientific discoveries, as in the case of cannabis too. Though cannabis has long been in medical use for the various properties included curing several maladies for eons. Ancient doctors, as well as today’s scientists,  have researched so much of identifiable properties which are found to be biologically active in cannabis. Among more than nearly 120 components found in cannabis, the most researched compounds are delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), and cannabidiol (CBD). The compound CBD is found to give relief from major pain, nausea, inflammation or any chronic condition without affecting the mental neurological system in a psychoactive mess. Cannabinoids are also found to be extremely useful in the therapies of cancer treatment. The chemical properties of delta-9-THC primarily cause the mental ‘high’ and also acts as an antioxidant along with being the remedy for chemotherapy of cancer induced patient. However, it has not yet been approved to be recommended legally for the medical purpose by the federal law of FDA.

            With the mentioned studies that the scientists found in cannabis, we can definitely celebrate marijuana as a helpful option in the path of medical research and most importantly in case of dealing cancer, which is considered surely as a curse even in modern medical science. According to reports of journal research on breast cancer in 2016, it was published with the hardest part about how chemotherapy interact with the biological system of the cancer patient who has undergone the procedure of treatment. Not only it weakens the immune function but also kills the natural cells of the tissue and leaves the organ in damage which lingers to the long term changes of the whole system. However science and research are said to find a similar element in our immune system named endocannabinoid which helps in maintaining the proper balance of body function, and so is the evidence of gaining the benefit of THC or other cannabinoids.

            Apart from providing cure to the immune function, cannabinoids have many such curable effects in the production of a malignant tumor cell that boost the pathogens like cancer cells. It is more likely that the more increase in endocannabinoid properties, the lesser the chance would get in the growth of cancer production and the associated activities.  

           This is how the studies from the overall research have contributed to focus on the healing element of cannabis while interacting with the developing cells of cancer and to announce this herbal remedy with more options in medical science.

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