Hemp is a truly ancient crop that was used in Asia 10,000 years ago. At that time, the Chinese enjoyed the delicious seeds and used the stable styles of the “Ma,” as they called hemp. According to tradition, was already thousands of years before Christ hemp a medical effect at rheumatism , malaria and many other diseases have been rumored. The cultivated plant also seemed truly divine – and none other than the Buddha himself is said to have fed on hemp seeds and used hemp as a protective plant against evil in the context of Hindu rituals.

In India, in Iraq, in Germany but also in Greece and Egypt hemp resources are occupied. A few centuries after Christ, the first nobles appeared in the hemp twine and from the 13th century hemp paper was used. The most significant lines that have ever been printed on hemp paper were the words of Gutenberg’s Bible, written as early as 1455.

Hemp from a biological point of view

Hemp plants, the so-called cannabiceae, are closely related to hops as well as herbaceous shrubs and climbing plants. Hemp is a producer of cannabinoids, which are still not fully developed. However, the two most concentrated substances – THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol) are grounds for their classification as narcotics because they are credited with psychoactive effects. These substances are by far not contained in all hemp plants in such a high concentration that they produce a noticeable effect when consumed.

But back to the biological side of hemp: hemp is dioecious , that is, it gives the plant in a female and a male form. The incentive of many breeders is often in breeding pure female varieties. First, the male plants bloom and throw off pollen.

Historical backgrounds

The 20th century, however, was under no good star for the hemp plant, because as early as 1911 was applied for cannabis with cocaine and opium equal – and vehemently prohibit. First, a ban could still be warded off. Hemp was still available until 1924 in pharmacies. Presently the situation has changed and now you can have the Marijuana Seeds online offering the best hemp crops year round.

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