Basically, there are three different types of hemp seeds like regular cannabis seeds, also called cannabis seeds, feminized cannabis seeds, called marijuana seeds, and auto-flowering cannabis seeds.

The most common are regular cannabis seeds. The hemp seeds are formed when a male hemp plant pollinates and fertilizes the female counterpart. The seed matures in the female flower. In the course of this regular fertilization, genetic information of male and female plants is passed on and cannabis seeds of female and male nature can emerge.

The Advantages

The advantage of this type of seed lies in the most natural production, but it also has working potential, because who only wants flowers must remove the male seeds at the beginning of flowering. The rest, so the remaining female cannabis seeds, are relatively robust and survive even under unfavorable conditions.

Feminised cannabis seeds are as the name suggests female cannabis seeds. The limitation to female cannabis seeds, however, certainly benefits the farmer. He can specialize in female cannabis seeds and does not have to put any energy into the breeding of male seeds or separate them later. In the breeding only male cannabis seeds without Y chromosome are used, which also can not develop male seeds.

Variation Artificial

The most artificial variant are the auto-flowering cannabis seeds. Artificially, this type of hemp seed is equal in several respects, because it is exclusively female and is encouraged to flower automatically – regardless of the season. Cultivation and harvesting can be done comparatively quickly. This group of cannabis seeds is celebrated in the trade as particularly profitable. In the literature, this cannabis seed type has also entered as Cannabis Rudderless.

Other Options

In addition to this classic tripartite division Marijuana Seeds for sale, the choice of hempseed type also depends on the location where you want to cultivate: indoor plants should be selected according to flowering time and plant size, but outdoor plants must be particularly robust. In addition, a classification in Indica and Sativa seeds is common.

The difference can be seen on the leaves at first glance: The indica plant is larger, the leaves are wider and the plant is relatively moderate in growth. The sativa plant can shoot very high. Three to four meters are not uncommon. The leaves have a lighter green and a narrower leaf blade.

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