Cannabis from Marijuana Seeds for sale needs a lot of light in all phases of growth. So you have to choose a sunny and sheltered place. A very important factor is the quality/fertility of the soil. The pH of the soil is ideally slightly alkaline (pH 7 to 7.3).

It is recommended to plant cannabis plants along with planting tomatoes. Cannabis gets the irrigation needed. Cannabis sucks moisture and thus prevents mold on tomatoes.

Germination of Cannabis Seeds

The best planting period is the end of April. During this period the temperature of the soil increases. Growing can begin at the end of February – early March, but such cultivation is of course possible in the interior.

Seeds are generally sowing 2-3 cm deep and about 2 cm apart. It is important for the seed to have sufficient moisture and the temperature to be max. 25 °C.

Planting Cannabis

  • Put the seed (1 cm) into slightly alkaline soil. In the early stages of growth, select a sunny place and regular irrigation is required.
  • When the plant reaches a height of 15 – 20 cm is ready for planting in the ground. Prior to planting, the plant should undergo the preparatory phase of “resistance”. At this stage, it must acquire a different environment.
  • Place your plants for at least one week, after several hours into an open area that must be protected from wind and rain.
  • Growth of cannabis
  • Choose the right place for the plant to be harvested / harvested.
  • Shake the plant with the soil as deep as possible. The plant must have room for further root growth. Observe regular dressing.

Note: Please note that the plant can grow up to 6 m high.

The growth phase lasts approximately until the end of August, and the plant will then begin to blossom (about the end of October). It is advisable to trim the plants and thus influence their height.

Harvesting/Harvesting Hemp

Only flowers of the plants are collected. These flowers can be consumed directly, or they can be used for tinctures, ointments, etc. The flowers are dried at 20 ° C for 14 days or at 15 °C for 3-4 weeks.

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