Usually you see this on yellowed leaves at the bottom of your plant from Cannabis Seeds online (at the end of the flowering phase, when the plant is almost ready, it is normal that leaves turn yellow). It is also a good idea to purchase an EC meter, so you can easily avoid feeding too much.

Provide More Light and Possibly CO2

In the first breeding tip you have already read that the real food for plants is actually light. The more light you give a cannabis plant, the more it will yield. When you also add CO2 to your grow room, your plant can have even more light, and even more yield.

Maintaining the Shape of the Plants

Give your cannabis plants enough light after germination, otherwise they will stretch too much. If your cannabis plants are always healthy, but do not produce enough, then you can make the most profit by increasing the light intensity. The most important thing to do immediately after the germination of cannabis seeds is to ensure that your cannabis plants get enough light. A plant that gets too little light during the growing phase will stretch. There is a lot of space between the nodes (where the side branches start) and your plant becomes a long lank. It costs such a plant a lot of energy to maintain the juice flow, because all substances have to travel a long way upwards.

Manipulating the Light

In addition, it is difficult to provide a long plant inside with enough light because the light reaches the lower branches more difficult than with a nice compact plant. Most hobby growers will be able to maximize their yields simply by providing more light. If your weed plants are in bloom, it helps to ensure that more light can shine on the buds. They will become bigger and heavier.

The farther the lamp is from the plant, the less intense the light will be. Because it is difficult to give enough light to all buds if your plants have uneven heights, it is important to ensure that you grow cannabis plants that are uniform and equal in height. Good stable genetics is therefore important again, but with breeding techniques such as SCROG, buds, thieves and super crops you can also ensure that you can efficiently illuminate the plant. It is important that you apply these techniques in the growth phase; once the bloom is underway you are too late.

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