Feminized seeds are great for comfort in the growing room, as there is no need to keep an eye on whether plants are male or female because all plants are females. Self-healing cannabis is popular all over the world and can be grown in any light mode if plants have at least 6 hours of illumination and temperatures are not too low. Otherwise, these miraculous seeds from Marijuana Seeds online allow indoor and outdoor growers to grow a miniature version of the existing strain in about 12 weeks from seed to harvest.

Why do not you buy the seeds?

The seeds for which you have paid a lot of money may not germinate, because germination depends on several variables. To make sure the blame does not lie on you, simply put the seed into a glass of water, let it fall to the bottom and wait for 24 hours. If the seeds show a slight rupture in the water, it means that the seed is now open. If, on the other hand, nothing happens with the seeds, then do not be angry and do not think that the seed bank is cheating on the grower. In many cases, you can turn to the company and express your doubts about the quality of the seed. Good seed banks will respond and you will definitely find some solution.

If my seeds look undeveloped and have a yellow color, should I be concerned about their quality?

This really is not a good sign, because it is usually expected that the seeds will be quite robust with a small pattern. As a breeder, I myself have produced seeds that ended up showing a pale yellow color without a pattern or a distinctive color and were smaller than any other seed I’ve ever produced. Again, if you have any doubts, just throw the seeds into a glass of water and watch them.

The answer is that you can plant self-succulent aliments throughout the year. If there are reasonable conditions, there is no reason why you will not get a small harvest even during the most demanding months. Of course, if you live in southern Europe, you will get a better result than in Northern Europe.

Why are the vertices of my freshly rooted clones fragile and dry?

The reason why your freshly rooted clones are fragile and brown is that the plant did not have the right to evolve. The clone often suffers from adaptation to life outside the promoter and all new sprouts can drown. The way to avoid it is to ensure that your clones have well-developed roots that have been shown on the sides before removing them from the warm, wet environment on which they acclimated.

If you are really skeptical and want to check the course of rooting, simply release the jiffy and check that white stems that form when the stalk changes to a yellow-white color and strengthens the stem. If clones last for a long time, then the process can accelerate further immersion in the root hormone solution.

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