Cannabis seeds are not the same as Cannabis seeds. See which varieties of Cannabis seed are the best. And then decide which strain best suits you.

Cannabis seed varieties

There are different varieties of Cannabis seeds. What are you experiencing in the following sections. But first here is a little introduction to the world of Cannabis seed.

What are Cannabis seeds?

Cannabis seeds are seeds of the female Cannabis plant. After pollination with male pollen, these mature in the female inflorescences so as to ensure the preservation of the species.

If Cannabis seeds are germinated by water contact, a seedling develops. In soil, the seedling becomes a seedling and finally a male or female Cannabis plant.

If humans intervene in this natural cycle, the seeds can be harvested and used as food (corn seed) or for plant breeding (Cannabis or cannabis seeds).

Edible Cannabis seeds

As a food and dietary supplement, Cannabis seeds are extremely popular because they contain valuable fatty acids and proteins.

Its unique nutrient profile makes Cannabis seeds especially valuable for the skin, muscles and immune system. Seeds are eaten exclusively by non-potent Useful Cannabis plants which also edible Cannabis seeds are called.

Edible Cannabis seeds often being shelled Cannabis seeds, cold pressed Cannabis seed oil or Cannabis protein processed – ideal for cereal, salads and smoothies. For beautiful skin and hair, cold-pressed Cannabis oil is an insider tip.

Cannabis seeds

If cannabis seeds are used to grow potent Cannabis plants, only seeds of commercially available Cannabis varieties or landraces are suitable.

To distinguish edible seeds, potent cannabis seeds are marketed as cannabis seeds, marijuana seeds or ganja seeds.

Regular seeds

Before you get to know more about the wondrous properties of feminized and autoflowering cannabis seeds, first a little digression to the regular cannabis seeds

Regular seeds produce both male and female offspring. In order to prevent fertilization male plants have to be recognized and removed in time. Until then, they consume space, energy and nutrients.

Regular seeds therefore have the disadvantage, in addition to the intended females, of producing unwanted males, which not only consume resources, but also lead to the reassembly of the harvest if they are not recognized.

Regular or feminized seeds?

Female Cannabis plants from regular seed produce – compared to plants from feminized seeds – at least that is what old-established growers say – higher-quality grass. But is it really like that?

The fact is that producing female seeds requires a lot of effort, skill, sensitivity and even chemistry. Not every breeder has the appropriate specialist knowledge. Feminized cannabis plants are torn under stress then the result.

Buy regular cannabis seeds

Buy regular Cannabis Seeds online worthwhile if you have enough space (for the initially unrecognized males), you want to ensure 100% that grow under tungsten no hermaphrodite plants and no nocturnal stray light occurs at the place of cultivation.

Finding good regular seeds is not easy. Nowadays, feminized seeds are mostly on the market. However, there are some excellent varieties and landraces that are only available as regular seeds!

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