When the weather gets warmer again and you want to grow your marijuana plants outdoors, it’s time to start planning your outdoor growing plants. If you are thinking about growing marijuana outdoors here and buying or buying marijuana seeds, you may need some help.

Buy marijuana seeds in Germany

In all European countries, Germany has an exceptional position with regard to cannabis seeds. While marijuana seeds of potent marijuana plants are locally available in neighboring countries, the Netherlands and beyond, this is not possible. The sale of marijuana seed from which a cannabis plant with an active ingredient content of more than 0.9% THC can grow, was banned in this country.

However, these marijuana seeds did not differ in their form from marijuana seeds of marijuana, which is used as a feed marijuana seeds or for oil production and bird food. Genetics alone distinguishes the two from each other. Since both cannabis seeds, which can grow from a potentially potent cannabis plant, and those that have a plant whose THC content is within the legal limits, do not contain THC or other psychotropic substances, cannabis seeds cannot be illegal. For more on marijuana seed law and law

Therefore, our assessment of the legislation regarding the purchase of cannabis seeds of potent cannabis plants is as follows:

The sale or distribution of such seeds is prohibited, but the possession of such is not, as long as it is not used for the illegal cultivation of potent marijuana plants. Please note, however, that this is not a legal advice but only reflects our assessment.

Where can you buy high quality cannabis seeds?

Quality marijuana seed

To make sure you get the most out of your outdoor cultivation with marijuana seeds, we suggest you buy their cannabis seeds from a reputable and professional marijuana seed bank with genetics lab. Which you also the records (track record) can give about the high quality cannabis seeds offered for sale.

As it happens in Marijuana Seeds online shop, The staff at these locations will also provide you with a range of information about marijuana varieties. Including plant characteristics, temperament and expected harvest time. When you buy your seeds, be sure to ask the seller about the best possible cultivation (growth) practices for each variety.

Of course, you will not be able to sprout cannabis seeds without first knowing where to find them. Although there are a number of vendors selling marijuana seeds, there are few who can offer consistently high quality and good prices for the cannabis seeds.

A large selection of high quality marijuana seeds

Marijuana seeds quality

Get the best possible start with the right choice from a large assortment of marijuana seeds. It comprises those varieties that happen to be used for prescribed medical cannabis and, many of the most well-known and individual hybrids in the world.

A considerable number of varieties from the cannabis seeds range have been legally purchased and have won prizes in international competitions. The true sign of quality, however, is that many satisfied customers keep coming back to buy our seeds.

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