Place the cannabis seed upside down a half centimeter of the selected moistened substrate. You can choose whether to grow it in the earth or in neutral substrates, such as rock wool, coconut fiber or peat. The latter are sold in disks, to be rehydrated before use by soaking them in a glass of water for a minute / a minute and a half. Compared to the earth, they are softer, so they allow the seed to not dissipate energy to anchor itself.

Hydrate the earth: The soil must be moist, but not watery. In the germination phase it is good to use a nebulizer to wet it.

Light and temperature: In the germination phase the future seedlings should be kept in the dark and in a cool place. The ideal temperature is between 16 and 19 degrees. A seed of cannabis to germinate takes from 18 hours to 3 days.

Cannabis Autoflowering, What To Do After Seed Germination

When the seed sprouts, two round leaves emerge, called cotyledons. From now on, the plant needs light. If it does not find it, the stem stretches to look for it and then falls. It is necessary to observe the shoot at least twice a day, to understand if it receives enough light: the lighting system should be activated for 18 hours a day at a distance that for the first two weeks must be double compared to that appropriate to its lamp. The use of the Cannabis Seeds comes useful there.

Soak the earth: For 14 days after the birth of the bud, you must continue to hydrate the plant with the nebulizer, not to exceed with water.

Fertilizers: In this first phase, if you chose an ad hoc soil for the cultivation of cannabis, which is therefore rich in nitrogen (the main component of the plant’s feeding in the vegetative phase) and with a pH never higher than 6 / 6.2 , you can avoid adding fertilizers in this first period.

These are the options that you need and that is the reason you will be able to have the perfect opportunity now.

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