Unfertilized inflorescences of female cannabis plants are formed into dense resinous cones, which, in essence, are false fruits. It is these buds that are valued by cannabis lovers, since they contain the highest possible level of THC for each particular grade.

Regular Cannabis Seeds

Regular cannabis seeds are seeds that make up about 50% of male and 50% of female plants. Usually rastishki with male inflorescences are used for hybridization and reproduction. For the Marijuana Seeds online also you can have the best deal. For the ordinary grower, who is not going to engage in crossing, and wants only to get the harvest, they are of no interest and are subject to destruction. Thus, the planting of regulars is compared to some plant growers with the “Russian roulette”. Theoretically, the majority of girls can turn out from regular cannabis seeds, or, on the contrary, mostly male rastishki. Yes, there really is some element of luck in it, which for some, on the contrary, adds to the excitement of sports in the grove. But still, as a rule, the number of girls and boys in one seed lot is in balance.

Benefits of feminized cannabis seeds

The number of THC in the seeds Femoc marijuana has more power, which is usually expressed in a higher level of THC , compared with regular versions of the same variety. Of course, today manufacturers are working to improve regulars, so in some cases this difference will not be so noticeable;

The taste and aroma of girls is also more intense and expressive;

Cannabis grown from feminized cannabis seeds has good homogeneity. That is, the similarity of rastishes of the same variety with each other, which is expressed in the same properties and productivity of each bush;

Femki are often recommended for growing growers to beginners, because in a certain sense it is easier to grow and get a good harvest of feminized seeds than regulars. First of all, there is no need to worry that male plants will be obtained from the seeds and can pollinate girls, reducing to naught all the works. Secondly, it is not necessary to germinate a larger number of seeds and perform more manipulations with them.

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