Cannabis cultivation outdoors is undoubtedly the most common in countries that benefit from a suitable climate. There are many consumers who depend on a good outdoor harvest to fill the year-round supply to be a self-sufficient consumer.

In this article we will improve the production of plants for outdoor cultivation. It is sometimes difficult to increase the yield of plants, but there are still some tips and tricks that will help us achieve this goal. Outside, one cultivates in two ways, either in pots, or in the ground. Most of the tips we will give in this article are valid for all types of culture.

Before starting the selection of the seeds, it is necessary to be sure to know where the plants will be grown, both in terms of the environment and the type of substrate used.

The importance of climate and the culture environment

The climatology of the cultivation site is very important as it defines the type of genetics that we must use to make sure everything is going well. For example, if we live in a place where the rains are very present, we will select strains of cannabis that are resistant to high humidity. For the Marijuana Seeds online this is important.

In the case where the rains are only present during a defined period of the year, for example at the beginning of the autumn, we can therefore select the genetics that are harvested before the rains begin. For this type of site there are varieties that are harvested a few weeks before and with which, depending on the region, we can avoid the rainy season which will prevent problems like Botrytis mushrooms, phytium, odium, etc.


You can find our variety selector which, according to preferences and characteristics, makes it easy to find the type of plant to grow. It will always be necessary to take into account the climate of the environment of culture.

Sun exposure and cannabis plants

Another important point in cannabis cultivation is undoubtedly the solar exposure received by plants. The sun is a main engine of all plants and animals, without it nothing grows. So you need to provide maximum hours of sun to your plants so they can be healthy, develop a better structure and offer better production.

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