When summer comes and with it heat, sadly looking at the cost and labor producing marijuana growers involved in their room of cooling culture, and decide to take a break and stop growing, at least until the hot period will pass.

Some of them are growing up outside, sometimes in remote places, but most of them look at their deserted breeding room and understand that they have room to grow and have equipment to grow, but there is nothing to do. For the Marijuana Seeds online this is important.

  • We think it’s just a mess, and a shame! You can run a complete life cycle within months between May and September and there are different ways to take care of cooling the room. Today’s solutions to the problem of heat include a variety of options such as cooled lighting, air conditioners, very powerful ventilation systems and other means that require a financial expense of varying sizes.
  • You can and should do a cost-benefit calculation to see if it’s really cost-effective to do what you need to do in order to continue operating the room during the summer.
  • With the help of a strong air conditioner that will cost you a few thousand shekels, plus constant electricity costs that will cost hundreds of shekels a month, you will eventually be able to harvest nearly two kilograms of quality marijuana worth tens of thousands of shekels.

Tips for growing marijuana in summer

Ventilation: First remember the place more and more, you probably already contains a system to neutralize the hot air and maintain the optimum temperature since and winter are forced to cope with the heat, especially if you use HID lamp units like MH or HPS, the date, both bulbs able to provide a light intensity Provides for harvesting a successful harvest.

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