Marijuana is a plant that belongs to the botanical family Cannabis and its leaves are very characteristic. There are records of the cultivation of Marijuana from 8,000 years before Christ. Marijuana is a crop that has been practiced in a traditional way in Egypt or China.

It seems that it was the Muslims who, around the year 1,100 began to cultivate Marijuana in Alicante and later it would extend to all the Iberian Peninsula highlighting areas of the Mediterranean, Galicia, Aragon or Toledo in its cultivation. Equally traditional has been the use and use of the many possibilities that this crop offers to produce high-quality oil for consumption and cosmetics, building materials and insulation, ropes, paper, fabrics with which clothing was made and the medicinal uses of cannabis And all of an excellent quality.

Marijuana was grown before wheat and this plant used both its fiber to make textiles or paper and its seed, which is very nutritious and has an important nutritional value. Marijuana oil is also extracted from the seed, which can be used bothfor food and for cosmetics because of its great benefits and properties. You can buy Marijuana Seeds for sale from online shopping sites too.

Mainly there are three varieties of Marijuana:

  • Industrial Marijuana, a variety from Cannabis sativa and the Rudelaris variety that has less than 0.3% THC that is allowed by European law for the cultivation of this plant due to its null psycho activity.
  • Cannabis sativa L,
  • Cannabis sativa var Indica, more common in Asia (China) and with more alkaloids and therefore greater psychoactive and medicinal activity.

How to grow Marijuana

Marijuanais a resistant crop that improves the structure of the soil. In fact, it has been traditionally used to improve and clean the soil in which vegetables were later to be grown. And even this plant was included within crop rotation. It is also a type of crop that is used to prevent soil erosion and the appearance of spontaneous, unwanted or adventitious plants. Marijuana is a fast growing plant that we can add to the compost pile or use as green manure or mulch or mulch.

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