One of them is the authorization for the use of medicinal marijuana. It is therefore important to distinguish between two different products – medical marijuana differs significantly from the popular “twists” from cannabis.

Treatment of marijuana – cannabinoids

Theoretically, the end of November 2017 brought interesting information about the possibility of using marijuana rich in cannabinoids for medicinal purposes. This does not mean that marijuana is available at any pharmacy and it is enough to get the right recipe. The method of growing a plant intended for the pharmaceutical market is significant here. Medicinal products are manufactured according to strictly defined standards and the quality of marijuana is checked before being placed on the market. This means full quantitative and qualitative control of the products and for patients greater safety during use. Now that in the online market you will find the best Marijuana Seeds for sale, surely you will find the best option right here.

THC is not the same as CBD

What is the difference between THC and CBD? In our country, the most information can be found about THC (popular name of an organic chemical compound called Tetrahydrocannabinol). It is this substance that is found in illegally grown cannabis. It works strongly psychoactive, at the same time strongly depending on the user. It affects the perception of the environment. Production, possession and sale are strictly prohibited in Poland. You cannot drive a motor vehicle under the influence of THC, because drug tests cope with its detection.

Healing properties of Cannabidiol (CBD)

An isolated cannabinoid can replace the painkillers present on the market. Everything indicates that acting painfully, does not bring many side effects – that is a very good solution for people who do not tolerate the usual means used for this purpose, such as paracetamol or ibuprofen. People who have convulsions in their daily lives (they may be associated with many diseases) will also feel a lot of relief.

CBD as an antioxidant

Medical marijuana is successfully working as an antioxidant and helps remove free radicals from the patient’s body. This means that it is able to cope with the aging of the body and also with diseases related to the action of free radicals in your body.

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