Girls, whether you’re a marijuana fan or not, here are some important, scientific reasons why you should think about going after a herb. Especially, as a nice and safe alternative to alcohol. So the pyurchase of  Cannabis Seeds online and cultivation has increased recently. Lets know more:

It helps control weight

A little against the smoker’s stereotype, which after throwing the herb on fast food and other stuffs to get rid of gastro, research shows that regular smokers are less likely than others to get sick or suffer from diseases such as diabetes. The percentage of obese people who smoke at least a few times a week is as much as 1/3 lower than among those who avoid ganja. You do not have to give up your diet right away, but maybe it’s worth taking a few bums before breakfast?

It relieves the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome

If there is something in the world that can effectively and without side effects help with the monthly feeling of bowel movements, flatulence, headaches and a general irritability, THC is what it is. As much as 10% of women who are particularly suffering during PMS cannabis turn out to be as effective as prescription drugs!

Facilitates falling asleep

If you’ve ever smoked a joint and fall asleep with the new CSI, you’ve experienced these cannabis properties that make it a great sleeping remedy. 63% of women (and “only” 54% of men) suffering from insomnia declare a noticeable improvement in the quality of sleep after inflammation of the herb.

It improves sexual life

The Internet went crazy after it turned out that marijuana works like an aphrodisiac for women. Sexologists say that this may be related to the reduction of anxiety, uncertainty and getting rid of inhibitions, that is everything that usually prevents women from reaching orgasm.

It can help in the fight against breast cancer

According to the latest research, cannabinoid components can significantly slow the growth of cancer cells in breast cancer, significantly impeding metastasis to other parts of the body.

It gives you some time for yourself

Are you a wife, mother, manager, lover, friend and fitness instructor? Today’s woman is under constant pressure of duties. Sit down, cut the phone, turn on the music and light the joint and let you relax for a few moments and think about the most important thing – about yourself.

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