Changing the way you consume can bring you many benefits, such as you gain a lot of discretion or health, but it can also have quite a significant effect on the action of marijuana on your body, such as both the length and intensity of high. So what are the ways we know how to use cannabis and how they affect us? Unfortunately, the answers are a bit different for everyone, everything is an individual matter, but below you will find some key information that will give you a general view of the matter. You will need the best Marijuana Seeds online for this task.


No one will be surprised if we write that smoking is the most popular way of taking marijuana. There is evidence that he has been known for at least 3000 years! The idea is that dried flowers, leaves or hashish are set on fire and the resulting smoke is drawn into the lungs using a bong, pipe or twist.

The effect of acting in this way of marijuana is usually immediate and lasts from one to two hours. At the time smoked in turns, it is typically assorted with dried leaves of plants such as papaya, eucalyptus or white sage or tobacco.


Vaporization is a method of heating plant material in such a way that, without ignition and fire, it releases all active substances in the form of odorless steam, which is then drawn into the lungs. It is much healthier than smoking and is generally considered one of the best ways you can take marijuana. During vaporization, the dryer is exposed to a much lower temperature than during combustion, so that no carcinogenic smoke is released.


Definitely it is the tastiest way of all. All you have to do is use marijuana in the kitchen in your favorite recipe. Only your imagination limits you. A big advantage of this solution is the fact that you can prepare any number of specialties and then store them in the fridge or freezer for a long period of time, so that when they are needed, they are always at hand.

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