Every time you breathe air full of car exhausts, you accidentally touch a strong cleaning agent or eat food with dangerous pesticides, this leads to micro-damage to your cells. These defects are called oxidative damage.

Cannabis helps to alleviate oxidative damage.

Cannabis can be the key to preventive medicine. Marijuana contains important chemicals that can help cells to function better. It does this by facilitating communication between cells. THC and CBD act as moderators, signaling the sending of cells to other communication molecules. As a moderator, marijuana helps systems in the body operate more regularly.

Weight loss and correct BMI

Marijuana makes us feel hungry, but also helps to digest what we eat faster. THC mobilizes our metabolism and stimulates cells in the gastrointestinal tract to secrete hormones that help break down carbohydrates. So, on the one hand, we take more food, and thus more valuable (or less in the case of bars and pizzas) of nutrients, on the other hand, we get rid of them faster. This is one of the reasons why smokers tend to lower BMI and maintain their normal weight. The use of the Cannabis Seeds online purchase happens to be perfect here with all its variations.

Reduced risk of diabetes and obesity

Although marijuana is not necessarily a tool for slimming, it helps prevent weight gain. Think of cannabis as weight stabilizers. Active cannabinoids in the herb support the body and help it regulate metabolism.

Anti-aging effect

As mentioned earlier, THC and CBD are powerful antioxidants. Antioxidants protect us against DNA damage. Damage to DNA is the reason we age. As you get older, toxins known as free radicals damage cells and DNA. Over time, defects caused by free radicals lead to signs of aging, such as wrinkles on the skin, memory loss and the development of degenerative diseases. Strong antioxidants in marijuana reduce these lesions, thus slowing down the appearance of the first effects of increasing age.

Increased quality of life

When we are stressed, sad, tired or irritable, apathetic, bored and for many days we can not get rid of other unpleasant feelings – in such a moment it is worth giving a chance to marijuana. It does not work only for people who are seriously ill, but it also works well when we just need a moment of relaxation.

Therapy in the case of debilitating diseases

Thanks to research on cannabis, we know that our body needs certain chemical compounds to maintain proper cell development. Sometimes your body has problems with the production and regulation of these substances. Helpful here turns out to be marijuana, thanks to which they are able to provide the necessary amount of these compounds from the outside. That’s why this plant is so helpful to as a natural medicine.

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