If the term marijuana falls, then most think immediately of cannabis and kiffen. Marijuana seeds are indeed superfoods and do not make high, but have a lot of positive effects on the human organism. The Chinese and the ancient Egyptians appreciated the small seeds early on, because they can convince with many valuable ingredients. The great thing about the cannabis seeds is that you can use them in the kitchen very versatile, so that the regular integration into the diet is not difficult.

Marijuana seeds have nothing to do with drugs

The marijuana seeds are obtained from the so-called commercial or industrial marijuana. While this is also a cannabis plant, the content of THC is negligible and does not put it in a rush-like state, as is the case with Indian marijuana, also known as marijuana. For many millennia, people have been cultivating marijuana, for example, textiles and paper are made from it.

Marijuana seeds score with a lot of vegetable protein and essential fatty acids. The small seeds have an olive-green shell with a shiny surface and reach a diameter of two to four millimeters. The leaves and roots of the sturdy plants release important nutrients to the soil so that marijuana can be cultivated on the same substrate for about 10 years without loss of quality being feared.

The valuable ingredients of marijuana seeds

When it comes to the healthy ingredients of cannabis seeds, then the large amount of protein should first be mentioned. A total of 20 amino acids are represented in the seeds, including all nine essential amino acids. Around 11 grams of protein are contained in just three tablespoons of marijuana seed. The vegetable protein is extremely high quality and also very digestible. If you want to benefit from the proteins, the seeds should not be heated above 115 degrees, because then they can not be digested so well.

The positive effects of marijuana seeds on health

The antioxidants in the marijuana seeds have a very high effectiveness, so that free radicals can be reliably controlled. In this way, not only is the natural aging process slowed, but many diseases are also prevented. Thus, marijuana seeds are a preventative solution to strengthen the immune system and to protect against various diseases, including cancers.

Athletes benefit greatly from the consumption of small seeds, because the contained vitamin E can balance the pH of the body after exercise, so that no hyperacidity takes place and the muscles regenerate faster. In addition, cannabis seeds can also increase the testosterone levels, so that the muscle is promoted.

Marijuana seeds are an excellent source of energy, the fatty acids increase the performance of the brain, while the proteins cause an activation of the body cells. Fatigue disappears, stress is more easily processed, metabolism is stimulated and stamina is improved. Not only does memory work a lot better, it also lightens mood so depression and anxiety can be reduced. If Marijuana Seeds online are consumed regularly, the risk of Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s is also reduced.

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